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Our organization is always in need of volunteers. Sometimes it is for trips, others it is for rehearsals, and sometimes, we just need people to help set up tables for meals! We would not be able to function without the amazing parents in our group. So, if you have the time and energy and are looking for ways to help out, you have found the right place! Please read the following rules, and fill out the form saying you are interested!

Volunteer Interest

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Chaperone Policy


Thank you so much for being willing to chaperone our band students.  You are an integral and necessary part of this program.  The following is a guideline for you to follow in assisting the staff and the students. 


  • Chaperones must have applied and been approved by Greenville County School District.

  • Make sure to have a medical kit and medical forms for every student

  • The roll of the chaperone is not to enforce discipline but to ensure the safety of our students

  • If there is a discipline issue, the staff should be notified immediately

  • Students are trained and instructed as to procedures at contest.  Please do not interfere with this process

  • Couples are not allowed to sit together on the bus at night

  • All school rules are to be followed.  If there is an issue, please notify the staff immediately

  • Make sure water and cups are provided at every event

  • Make sure students have food and money to eat with.  If a student is not eating, please let the band director know so that they can find a solution.

  • If the event is lengthy, make sure food, snacks, and water is available

  • Please allow student leaders to do their jobs

  • Students must follow the expectations given in the band handbook

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